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Whether it be youtube,google, wikipedia, or something totally different, the use of digital content is a must for any modern educator. As technology evolves, so does the way children learn. As a result of these new technologies, teachers now have access to many resources that they never did before.

One particularly useful website for educators is Google. Google has a wide array of uses. Aside from its normal use as a search engine for websites and images; Google Scholar can provide scholarly, peer-reviewed articles while Google Books provides both full length versions of books as well as samples for books that are still copyrighted. Another particularly good website for books is Project Gutenberg. Project Gutenberg is a massive database of out of copyright books in both Ebook and audio book format. Websites like these can be used by teachers in many ways. Most noticeably, these websites are fantastic for helping students conduct research. With just a quick search and click, students will have hundred of articles or books in a matter of seconds. These sites can also be used to demonstrate to students the difference between acceptable and unacceptable sources (scholarly versus something less credible). Websites like Google and Project Gutenberg make the acquisition of knowledge infinitely easier. Hopefully this ease  will allow students to enjoy learning and spur a lifelong interest in gaining new information.

Some sites, such as Delicious, allow for people to compile and share a massive list of their favorite links. In doing so, educators can better share their knowledge and "tricks" with each other, with the end resulting in a successful learning experience for the students. One such example is power point palooza. By cruising other people's Delicious accounts, I came across this fantastic website.Power point palooza allows you to find power points on the subject of your choice. As such, I can integrate aspects of these power points into my lectures or simply use the whole thing. As a professor once said to me, "education is about stealing the best material you can find in order to help the students learn." In order to better educate the new generation of Americans, educators must be sure to embrace and use these new and emerging technologies.

Matt MarLett
6/27/2011 20:13:40

Nic...I really liked your blog and your thoughtful comments about technology in the classroom. Delicious is a very important website for new teachers. I also thought your screenshot was helpful.


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