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In today's ever-changing world, children and young adults are more tech savvy than ever before. Dubbed "The Net Generation," it is increasingly important that educators implement new technologies into the classroom as a way to better reach this new type of student.

Furthermore, the use of technology in the classroom can be an essential tool in increasing learning. With computers and other new technologies, it is now possible for more students than ever to succeed. Previously, students sat in their chairs, listened to lecture, wrote notes, and prepared for tests. Now, students can participate in audio, visual, and hands-on learning. This process will allow them to find the learning style that best suits their abilities.

However, there is still a very fine line between technology's ability to supplement learning and its ability to hinder it. One such example that comes to mind is a 12th grade AP U.S. Government class that I observed during my field experience. Every student was given an IPod that contained several government-related apps. Although this can be a useful tool in allowing students to learn the material, this same technology can also hurt the student's ability to learn the necessary information. How can we teach our students by utilizing technology without creating an over-reliance on it? Will those government students ever actually learn the information on those apps? Or will they simply assume that all the information they need is a button click away?

Lastly, and possibly the most important aspect of using technology in the classroom is its impact on creativity. In today's world, more children than ever are graduating from high school and obtaining college degrees. As such, a type of educational inflation has occurred in which a college degree is no longer as meaningful as it once was. By using technology as a way to both learn and hone their creative sides, students will be able to develop skills that allow them to adequately compete in the job market.

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Looking good! Great points about technology in the classroom.


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