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Google Docs is a great (and free) software program that includes spreadsheets, word processors, presentations, and quiz/survey generators. At first glance, Google Docs may simply appear to be a poor man's version of Microsoft Office. However, these types of documents can be edited by anyone, anywhere. That is what makes Google Docs special; its collaborative nature. To access this software, one simply needs to go to Google and log in (or create an account). From there, Google Docs presents unlimited possibilities.

Every teacher can benefit from using Google Docs in the classroom. As stated, Google Docs is a very collaborative friendly program. Students no longer have to physically be next to each other to work on projects. Whether it is writing a paper or creating a presentation, every student with an internet connection can access the file. Furthermore, Google Docs allows me (the teacher) to see exactly who contributed to group projects (and how much effort they put forth).

Lastly, Google Docs can be used as a type of entrance or exit ticket. I can have students complete quizzes and immediately get easy to read feedback. This will allow me to quickly and easily construct and change lessons based upon the knowledge base and understanding of each class. However, I do think it is important to recognize the limits of a Google Docs exit ticket. In order for this to be successful, all students would need a computer readily available. I would argue that most school districts simply do not have access to these types of resources.  Regardless, this is still a great program and those schools with access should continually make use of it.
Matt MarLett


I thought your quiz was a great utilization of Googe Docs and the Forms option. I enjoyed taking the quiz and hopefully got some of the answers right!


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