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In a previous blog, I mentioned how useful Skype and Podcasts can be in the classroom. Add screen capture software to that list. By using Quicktime, Jing, or other free software, you can record screens and voice with the click of a button.

This software can be especially useful in case we are absent. Teachers can record and capture what we want our students to do; then the substitute can can play the video for our students. As with the other software, this can be especially useful for student refreshers (or absences). If the students need help with a particularly complex assignment or misses class, they view our videos on the web. Screen capture software can also be especially nice for student-centered learning. The students can pick topics and teach them to the class using computers. These peer-teaching assignments can then be screen recorded and posted online.

Overall, screen capture is fantastic software. Every teacher should utilize and teach this new technology to their students. As a result, education can be expanded outside of the classroom. Posting these videos on the World Wide Web can also help this information reach people all over the world.

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Great job with the Google Docs walk-through video. Your instructions were clear and easy to follow.


Great job and thanks for the tutorial.


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